Fourth Post…..the impossible sports change

All my life I’ve liked sports. I have my favorite teams that I’ve followed all my life. Even though I haven’t lived in my hometown of Pieville in a long time, I still follow the Pieville Pies. I also still follow my college the University of Pieville. The problem is that the Pieville Pies and Pie U. haven’t been good in a very long time. They are a source of constant frustration and pain for me and fellow fans. Each game, I foolishly follow and hope that it will change. Every game, more of the same thing. I’ve tried to cut back. I’ve tried not watching and only following the box scores, but the pain of each loss still hurts the same, even if I’m only following by box scores and highlights.

So I need to give it up. I know this. I don’t know why I can’t. I hate that I can’t give it up. Sports is a worthless diversion. I used to be worse. I used to also play fantasy sports, but I’ve been able to give that up. Now I just need to give up watching and following sports entirely. I don’t think I’ll miss it. I have plenty of things that I need to do and plenty of things that I want to do.

But I remember when the Piesville Pies and Pie U. used to be good. There was no pain back then. Only joy. It was fun to watch them when they were good and I desperately want to feel that again.

But what do you do when your teams aren’t good, haven’t been good in a long time, and have no hope of being good in the future?

I know that I have no control over whether or not the teams succeed, but I have control over whether or not I continue watching. I know I should stop watching. If God exists, then he must laugh at sports fans. Sports analysts too.

Sports analysts are a joke and should not get paid for doing what they do. They also should not have the dignity of being called “Analysts”. They should be called Athletic Hindsight Experts and should have to pay us to listen to them and read their bullshit articles.

Just thinking about them makes me an Angrier Pie, and I don’t want that. I better quit this post before I lose my filling. I’m trying not to be an Angry Pie anymore. The few moments of joy that I had when I was younger should not be holding my current and future happiness hostage. I will not be ruled by nostalgia. Remembering the past is one thing, but letting the hope of repeating the past hinder my future is something that I just cannot do.

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