Third Post…..Another impossible change

While Grandma Pie has been emotionally poisoning the family for the past 6 years, there has been another persistently negative issue that has been plaguing the Pie family for the past two and a half years. My daughter, Pielette, has been suffering from a chronic stomach illness that causes her to vomit multiple time and almost every day. She has missed so many days of school that I lost count a long time ago. It has been a source of endless frustration and heartache for almost the entire family. Grandma Pie is of course the lone dissenter. She believes that Pielette isn’t sick at all and is faking it to get out of school.

We’ve been through three doctors and a specialist and the only diagnosis that has helped was the specialist who said she has “chronic dispepsia”. He described it as the combined negative effects of an ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome, but the medicine for one or the other won’t help. Combining the medicines for both wasn’t an option either because they don’t work well together and have side effects that could be worse than what she’d been dealing with. The gastroenterologist prescribed a medicine that he said treats stomach issues and anxiety and should work for her. She started taking it in April 2013 and for 6 months it worked well. Her stomach issues became managable. Her nausea lessened and her life became closer to normal than it had for the previous two years.

But about three weeks ago she had a relapse. She is still taking the medicine, but the vomiting has come back. Her constant nausea has returned. She’s been to school three days in the last three weeks and we’re heading back to where we were. It tears me up inside to see her having all these problems and know that there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for her to go through all this.

The hardest part of this whole process for me is that I have no impact on the situation at all. I can’t influence my daughter’s stomach when I have no idea what will or will not set off a reaction. I have tried to reduce the stress in her life, but it’s easier said than done. I don’t want to be a complete pushover and I’m trying to make her go to school when her stomach is only slightly irritated, but the school isn’t helping us out either. We arranged a big meeting with her teachers, her counselor, and her principal. After all was said and done they told us that they didn’t believe that her illness was real. Of course they didn’t say that overtly, but they offered no alternate solutions, no help, no advice, no modifications, nothing. The only advocate we have for her at school is the nurse, who has seen her more often than some of her teachers. She has been a huge help. She told all of her teachers, her counselor, and her principal that there is no possible way that she is faking her illness. The nurse has seen my daughter come into her office and empty her stomach so many times that she can’t believe the teachers would think she was faking it.

This is another constant source of frustration and another impossible change that needs to be made. One that I have no control over. We try to manage it, but there are no answers. This makes the Angry Pie even Angrier. I don’t want to be Angry.

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