Sixth post……Things I miss

I’ve been contemplating many things recently, but most of them have one thing in common.  They are things that I have been missing from my past.  I miss the solitude of a home without a mother in law, I miss the energy and hope of youth, I miss being able to sleep without the assistance of a CPAP machine, I miss having less responsibility, but most of all I miss being able to hold my children.

My kids are teenagers now, and while I certainly appreciate the help around the house they offer when they’re forced to come out of their rooms, recently I’ve been missing just being able to scoop them up, give them lots of hugs and kisses, and all the laughter that we used to have in the house. 

Lately we are just so busy with schedules and rehearsals and homework and sick days and make up work from those sick days and dealing with Grandma Pie’s continuing bullshit and Mrs. Pie’s worthless sister….the list never seems to end.

Mrs. Pie has actually been thinking about moving to Canada. If Grandma Pie is still alive by the time our youngest graduates high school, then we’ll put her in a home and move up to Canada to get away from the rest of her family. This idea is actually interesting to me.

If Grandma Pie has passed by then, the situation may change, but I like this contingency plan. I will have to revisit this at a later date.

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