Eleventh post……Really hoping for a job change

I teach at a high risk, low-income middle school. And I’m completely tired of it. These kids don’t have much in life, so to make up for their lack of material things, they have over-developed attitudes and act like spoiled rich mother fuckers who are just temporarily slumming at a ghetto school.

These kids treat everything around them like shit, then complain about how fucked up the school is. They are even aware of their own hypocrisy and don’t give a shit. They don’t have a clue that the school is “ghetto” because the students are ghetto. Once these kids stop acting like ghetto kids, the school will stop being a ghetto school.

The parents are just as bad. We get angry parents cussing out teachers for failing and/or suspending their illiterate and disruptive kids who only come to school to ruin things for the students who are actually trying to get and education and better themselves.

I don’t understand them. I don’t want to understand them. I am getting burned out on teaching and I need some hope for the future.

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