Fourteenth Post……….trying to keep my patience

So, I am trying to stay patient and upbeat while stuck in personal limbo. I want to make the jump to high school and I have a line on a good job, but I am waiting to hear back from them about the job.

There are several new games that I really want to buy, but we have no money to buy them with right now. We probably won’t have money to get new games until September. That would make it at least 7 months since our last game purchase, which is the longest we’ve gone without buying a new game is a really long time.

I seem to be waiting for everything else to get solved before I can move forward. This is very frustrating.

There are so many things that I want, and many things standing in my way of getting them, but removal of these obstacles is not up to me. I have to wait to see if other people are going to remove these obstacles for me. I hate this.

If I push and try to influence people’s minds, then it ends up backfiring on me and I don’t get what I need/want. If I leave it up to fate and just pray for what I need, then the other people who are so crucial to my success end up forgetting about me and choose a different path.

so I’m damned either way. This fucking sucks.


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