21st post….I’m very angry about everything…

And I have no clue why.

It seems like lately everything is making me super angry. I’ve got enough control to avoid any blowups or outright fights, but I’m reaching the breaking point. I can feel it.

I’ve especially been angry at all the religious bullshit people are doing and posting about because of Easter weekend. Obviously, I am not a religious person. I think it is ignorant and shallow of people to believe that an invisible man in the sky can wipe away a person’s wrongs on a weekly basis just because they worship him and pledge their loyalty to him.

This belief offends me completely. I know there are some religious people who are good, but I’ve experienced so many horrible people who do horrible things in the name of their God that I just can’t abide by anyone who is religious and doesn’t immediately shun these incompetent and ignorant people.

It bothers me that even these good people can allow themselves to be brainwashed into thinking that their bad deeds can simply be washed away by going to church or pretending the talk to an imaginary person in the sky. That REALLY bothers me. It smacks of arrogance and laziness.


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