About The Angry Pie

The Angry Pie is the one that sits on the shelf the longest. People walk by and take a look, but there’s something about it that makes people think “Maybe not.” It isn’t the pie’s fault that people think this way. The pie didn’t make itself. It’s trying so hard to be what people want and to be something that people enjoy. All the Angry Pie wants is to make people happy. To make people think about it and smile.

But the Angry Pie doesn’t get picked. It doesn’t get a chance to prove itself. It sits on the shelf jealously watching as all the other pies get chosen. The other pies get the chance. The Angry Pie knows that it can’t blame the other pies. They are what they are. The Angry Pie tries to make itself better and to be like the other pies, but knows that the longer it takes, the more difficult it will be. No one wants an old pie. So the Angry Pie feels like it must improve before it’s too late. But how? The Angry Pie is just….a pie. It doesn’t know where to begin.

While it sits, it gets angrier. It needs to do something to either eliminate the animosity or become a better pie. Somehow.

I am an Angry Pie.


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